Thursday, June 12, 2008

Installing and Configuring Enterprise Manager Client Interface (emcli)

  • Enteprise Manager Client Interface (emcli) needs to be installed on each host from which its usage is required.
  • Environment was EM Grid Control

  1. Obtain the EM CLI Client kit (emclikit.jar). The emclikit.jar file is physically located in the $OMS_HOME/sysman/jlib directory of the 10.2 Grid Control OMS home, it can also be downloaded from http(s)://host:port/em/console/emcli/download
  2. Set your JAVA_HOME environment variable and ensure that it is part of your PATH. You must be running Java 1.4.1 or greater.
  3. Install the EM CLI Client. You can install the client in any directory either on the same machine as the EM CLI Management Services or on any machine in your network (download the emclikit.jar to that machine). Run the followingcommand:
java -jar emclikit.jar client -install_dir=

1. Tell emcli how to find em repository with the following command
$> emcli setup -url=http://:4889/em -username=sysman

emcli will ask you for your password.

2. Tell emcli how find your sudo program (all on 1 line)
$> emcli create_privilege_delegation_setting -setting_name=sudo_setting -setting_type=SUDO -settings="SETTINGS:/usr/local/bin/sudo –S –u %RUNAS% %command%"

3. Apply this setting to your specific hosts (all on 1 line)
$> emcli apply_privilege_delegation_setting -setting_name=sudo_setting -target_type=host -target_names="host1;host2;host3;"

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