Monday, February 14, 2011

New postings (and welcome Exadata)

Once again, it is time for some blog posts. I find it quite hard to blog even though I really should do more (for various reasons). There is just so much already out there on the internet for what I want to say, and then there is the time it takes to do a reasonably good blog posting. I really respect all who do it regularly while having a full time job and family.

Anyways, I'll be putting together a few series on Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g,and Oracle11gR2 DB including RAC, and Oracle Exadata.

We've just gotten our first Exadata X2-2 full rack HC machine. This is one of four to be delivered and it has been quite a ride. It has been over a year of decision making involving POC, RFP, finalizing a decision, and ordering. I'll try to document as best as I can keeping in mind NDA. Many thanks must go out to all the various bloggers and pioneers (some of whom I've had the good fortune to meet) of Exadata v1, v2, and X2-2. Without your postings and information, this would have been quite a larger ordeal.

The Importance of Security
A colleague of mine was so excited he forgot all about our campus security policy and took a picture of the delivery truck. I found this a bit much since he attended OpenWorld 2010 and saw the X2-2, X2-8, and Exalogic machines up close and took pictures, as well as the fact it was just the truck since there was no view of the actual machine, but I can't really blame him. In any case, his phone was quickly confiscated and the picture removed due to our strict no pictures on site policy! He was written up in the guards report though I'm sure no harm will come from it (or so we hope), and although I had not taken any pictures I was guilty by proximity and my phone was also confiscated and checked as a precaution. He is planning to request access to the data center for a second attempt, though this time authorized (and no pictures this time). I wish him luck!

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